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Bio-Light Phase IV




The Bio-Light is a small hand-held unit. It has 8 colored LEDs on the top side clustered together under a 1” glass dome. Below glass dome is the 5 button control panel and below that is a 4 digit frequency display with 4 button select frequency entry.  On the bottom side are 5 out of focus laser diodes rated at 5mW each, covered with a plastic spread lens. Two laser diodes are 405nm, two 650nm and one 780nm. When lasers shine through the spread lens the output is less than 5mW.  At the front of the unit is a 1” speaker and at the backend are 3 jacks, the larger jack is for DC power input for charging the batteries. The other two 3.5mm jack are outputs for additional attachments.

For charging the batteries, just insert one and of the charger into the QRI and the other end into an 110V to 240V wall outlet. 6hrs. or more for charging.

The Frequency, CMT and Light buttons are thump pad OFF/ON switches. With your finger or thump pad press once the CMT button, you will see the lights blinking through the top glass with no sound, frequency is 1Hz through 2000 Hz within 30 sec.. The sound frequency is flowing through the LED lights and laser light when Light button is pressed. To add single frequencies,  press Frequency button and select desired frequency by pressing buttons under digit display. For automatic digit counting,  just press and hold desired digit button until desired number is  displayed.  

If you wish to hear the sound through the speaker, then press and hold the UP button until you hear the pulsing sound. Press UP and Down for desired Volume setting.

To turn OFF CMT, Light or Frequency, hold the corresponding button down for 5 seconds and it will turn OFF.

The laser side of the unit is for hovering on any part of the body (except eyes) with no physical contact between unit and client. 

The Bio-Light unit is one-of-a-kind. There are three applications going on at the same time. You have the RF radio frequency transmission through the Laser light beam with the scalar transmitting harmonic frequencies, PEMF Pulse electromagnetic field heads for magnetic balancing and photon energy through three different color laser light.


The Story behind the Bio Light unit

The body, in a positive state of health produces verifiable energy Pattern’s which maintain a harmonious balance among all of its component members. We are reminded of this necessary balance when an imbalance occurs. As we all know, when we have a toothache, we have an overall feeling of discomfort, not just a small annoyance in our tooth. When the toothache is relieved we experience an overall sense of relief. Investigation has revealed that when one of these areas of tissue imbalance occurs, the energy patterns in that area become pathological and destructive to our well being. Further investigation has revealed that when physiological energies were fed into the area of imbalance, the area transitions back to health and a balanced state of energy occurred.

Health practitioners have recently had the advantage of modern electronics in testing, analyzing and treating of clients. However, in order to test a client, it has been necessary to have several testing instruments. This problem was compounded in that to administer therapy it was necessary to have several other therapeutic instruments. If any homeopathic remedies were required, even more equipment was necessary. The exciting news about the Bio-Light Generator is that new energy filtering (from pathological into physiological energy patterns) treating therapy.

Equally exciting is that the technician uses simple easy-to-follow instructions and the Bio-Light unit ENERGIZER sophisticated circuitry performs all of the functions with no possibility of operator error or confusion.
Health and vitality are normal conditions of the human body and mind. When all our body systems and organs function properly, we are considered “fit”, or Fully in Tune.

Anyone in good health should manifest these characteristics. Our bodies “broadcast” or radiate discernible, measurable wave patterns, which can be analyzed to determine the state of health of the brain and heart. Allopathic “medical” doctors have for decades used the electrocardiograph to determine the state of health of the brain and heart. Allopathic medicine is that branch of medicine, which claims to heal by the application of “therapy with remedies that produce effects differing from those of the disease treated”.

The American Indians, the Chinese, and the ancient Egyptians, when sick or wounded with infections would seek out certain clays, dirt, organic substance, and certain mineral water. When found, they would cover their body with it, or the infected area. In a very short time their body would be back to normal, revealing the power of nature to balance the body.

Research has revealed that Mother Nature (clay, mud, mineral water, organic substance, etc.) has the power to draw destructive pathological energies from the body, so that the body can heal itself. SUCH IS THE POWER OF NATURE!!! Researcher/inventors from Pa. has extended the concept of using electronic measuring devices to determine the state of health. Relying on the fact that a healthy, vital organ gives off a characteristic wave pattern differing from that of a diseased organ, The Quantum Light instrument is designed to identify pathological wave patterns emitted by the body and, based on the dissonant pattern, create a harmonic pattern to neutralize the dissonant pattern, and manufacture an individualized homeopathic restorative for the individual. The homeopathic approach, used prominently by naturopaths, is defined as “therapy based on the use of minute quantities of remedies that in massive doses produce effects similar to those of the disease treated”. The homeopathic approach allows the body to work out its own remedy by creating a chemical or harmonic pattern “in miniature” to treat disease. Science has proven the truth of William Congreve’s maxim, “Frequency and Music has charms to soothe the savage beast, to soften rocks, or bend the knotted oak.” Tones or music is used both in physical and emotional therapy. Ultrasound is used to painlessly break up kidney stones. Plants have been shown to respond to some types of tone sounds and music while responding negatively to others. 

Inventers, has devised an electronic unit (Bio Light Generator) which receives the wave patterns emitted by the body. Receives wave patterns which are out of “sync” with the rest of the body’s systems, the unit evaluates the dysfunctional pattern to create a wave pattern which will balance out the dysfunctional pattern. The Bio-Light unit then introduces this balancing or harmonizing wave pattern back into the body. The result is a restorative specifically designed for the affected individual. Its purpose is not to “destroy” the cause of the disease, but to restore the body to its natural state of good health and proper functioning. Until recently, it has been necessary for health practitioners to maintain a large array of equipment to analyze, test, evaluate and treat their clients. After years of research and development, inventers has succeeded in developing an electronic unit capable of performing the energy receiving functions, absorbing the individual’s wave patterns, filtering the dysfunctional patterns, filtering the pathological energy patterns and producing the homeostatic energy pattern, then creating the homeopathically formulated restorative. All of these functions are performed automatically with no possibility of operator error or confusion. The Bio- Light Generator has a sound & color modules. 

Bio-Light unit INFO

Bio- Light unit is a one of a kind German technology that employs special sensors designed to detect any disturbed energy patterns in the physical body and there by  remedying  the disturbance. If people would realize the amazing potential of this instrument and people would be lined up for sessions.

As the client is enjoying vibrational Bio-Light unit the transducers coils in the unit, Laser, Probes, and Etc, sense unbalanced or disturbed energy patterns in the body, then send that information back to the Bio- Light  module filters  which clean up the disturbed energy pattern, purifies it, and then sends it back into the body as a balanced state of energy. 



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