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Cold Laser Approved By The FDA


Cold Laser Approved By the FDA Experience Quantum Physics Twenty Third Century Health Modalities Now

Energize Food Place BTL over food approx. 12” (1’) and rotate light clockwise for ten seconds, with one rotation per second. Works well with microwave food to rebalance, polarize, and re energize food. Purifying the Blood By the holding the “BTL” on your navel, pointing towards the spine, for minutes you expose all the blood in your body to the healing light. During the 5 min, declare that “Royal Blood Now Flows Through My Veins. Ears Ear related problems hold light directed into ear canal for 5 minutes minimum in each ear. Has been experienced in as fast as 3 seconds. Dr. Bob Lovejoy was present at the time. Eyes Never use BTL on the eyes. Open wounds Shine BTL Light directly into wound as often as you can till skin forms over wound. Pain Shine BTL Light directly into effected area till pain subsides. Emotional Release Lie on your back or in a standing position point BTL at approximately 2&1/2 inches below end of breastbone in the solar plexus area, using 3-5 lbs of pressure, press inward towards the spine and hold for 3 to 5 minutes. Improved Memory Hold BTL onto temple area and work light in little circles backwards towards top of ear for 2/3 minutes each side of head. Be sure your eyes are closed. Hormones Use BTL on outer edges of ears for 2 minutes each ear. Bio-Tri Laser Unit-$725.00

How it works: Like fine tuning an instrument, a specialized programmed series of natural frequencies support the tune up the whole body. A musical scale like sweep of frequencies called the “sweep chip” uses 1-22,000Hz, Scalar Waves & PEMF plus an infinite harmonic series of frequencies that sweep through a rainbow of 8 color lights. This one of a kind technology supports the natural attuning or entraining the body to a greater vibrational field of wholeness based on Quantum Physics. It’s similar to filling in “gaps” or distortions and interference in our cellular communication caused by unnatural and manmade means. The series of 8 colors sweeping represent the different frequencies that align with the energetic distribution centers in the body also referred to as acupuncture meridians, bio fields, and chakras. Bio-Tri Laser Benefits: • Improved Memory • Enhance Circulation • Balanced Hormones • Boosts Immune System • Alleviates Stress and Pain • Increased Digestion Efficiency • Normalizes and balances the entire body Frequencies Violet 405 nm Infrared 780 nm Red 650 nm

Water enhancement Shine BTL into water for 14 seconds before drinking. Simple Operating Instructions. Laser Warning: DO not stare directly into beam! To power on: Press the purple button on the top of the unit. To Power off: Hold purple button for 2 seconds and release. To charge: Insert charger into standard outlet. There’s a light on the charger itself. Red means charging. The Charge time is approximately two hours, when fully charged LED light will indicate green.

Disclaimer: The “Bio-Tri Laser” is designed for your personal exploration and educational purposes only in support of rebalancing your energy field. It is not intended to be used as a medical device nor substitute for medical treatment, diagnose, treat, nor cure disease. Please consult your licensed professional for all health concerns. No claims are made and individual results may vary than those self reported.

We’ve Been Living In A Dream World

"Most people are other people," Oscar Wilde once remarked. "Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." As he so wryly observed, the vast majority of us are not who we've been pretending to be, and the lives we've been living until now are molded according to rules and values that are not our own. Most of humanity is stuck in someone else's discarded chewing gum and has yet to break free.

Unless you have been brave enough to forsake this trap, here is your likely portrait: your religious convictions are those of your parents or community; you root for your hometown sports teams; your political allegiances conform to the party system that society offers; you are an avid observer of the cultural pageantry, like the Super Bowl and the Oscars; your holidays are the standard ones, such as Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Independence Day; you look to your political and religious leaders for guidance and protection; you feel driven to succeed–to make more money, to live a better life.

These are worthy and desirable choices that hold families and societies together. They make you who you are, you might argue. True, but only if you are content with admiring the wrapping and never looking inside the box. If you dared to look, you'd discover how these basic thoughts originate in a fundamental belief formed during the first years of your life: that survival depends on obeying the rules. Children typically bend their perceptions and interpretations of reality to match those of their parents and others who care for them. They find clever ways to please in order to receive attention and belong. As they grow up, the people and issues may change over time, but the initial patterns of conformity remain deeply ingrained in the subconscious.

The price for surrendering to consensus is steep. It is nothing less than the loss of individuality and curiosity. Without these two magnificent attributes, you disengage from the grandness of the creation and implode into the holographic illusion humans have come to call reality. You become one of Oscar Wilde's other people, thinking someone else's opinions and assuming they are your own.

We are trapped in the daily drama the culture and the media feed us: mortgages, sporting events, tsunamis, sex offenders, AIDS, terrorism, global warming, corrupt governments, and economic inequities . . . all demanding our attention. The matrix plays us like an instrument. A thirty-second news bite can push our buttons. We get hooked and riled, liberally lacing our collective guts with corrosive biochemicals unleashed by our righteous indignation.

This condition is virtually universal. It is also the underlying cause of the world as we know it. People cling so tightly to their personal and social identities that they are blinded to anything that does not validate them. The inevitable product is a world of war, greed, and competition, driven by paranoia and fear.

The way out is easier than anyone might imagine. However, very few summon the courage, for it requires them to leave the comfort of their known world and walk alone, unaided by the crutch of belief and dogma, into the domain of pure consciousness. Most people would rather get caught up in the business of earning a living, raising a family, or helping their community than deal with the unsettling immensity of All That Is.

Yet it seems that all humans are meant to take this epic journey of discovery at some point in their series of lives on this planet. If you choose to walk this path, you will find yourself gaining a new perspective–that of consciousness, where the mind, with its judgments and emotions, ceases to dominate and the heart is your only reliable guide. The great issues of your daily life that once commanded your attention now seem wondrously arbitrary and irrelevant–simply interesting experiences that lasted far too long and became unnecessarily weighty.

You now see the illusion for what it is: a game-board projection designed so aspects of the Oneness can experience duality, fear, and separation. It is no more real than a programmed matrix in a computer game. You and I are merely units of awareness projected into the matrix, defining ourselves by the points through which we view and believing what we see to be reality. Who did the projecting? You. Who is the projection? You. There is only you.

How do you get to this liberating place from which you can see the larger picture?

The cosmic formula of creation is gloriously simple: Attention + Intention = Manifestation. Nothing in the universe evades this law. The reality you perceive is entirely a function of the only two forces at your command: your attention and your intention. Bring conscious awareness to this equation–consciously monitor your attention and intention and what you are manifesting–and everything changes.

Through this ongoing process of self-observation it will become increasingly clear that the part of you that is projected into the illusion is in trouble. This realization in fact marks the beginning of your journey out of the illusion. Once you begin to couple the law of Attention + Intention = Manifestation with the concept of Oneness, you begin to see a completely different picture. You are All That Is. There is nowhere for you to go, nothing to attain, no lessons to learn.

If you buy into the reality that you are an earthbound human stuck in the struggle of life, presto, there you are. If you focus on the part of you that is watching you flounder in the illusion, snap, you're free. It can't get much easier than that. Yet why are so few of us awake?

The written or spoken word can do no more than point the way. And trading one belief system for another accomplishes nothing. The answer lies elsewhere. Waking up is a consequence of induction. Just a few years ago you might have placed yourself in the presence of a guru or master and, through devotion, discipline, or some other practice, gradually assumed some of his or her enlightenment. Now, using the law of A + I = M, you become your own master. By focusing your attention on the part of you that is watching the rest of you floundering in the illusion, you are taking a giant step in restoring control over how your attention is commanded. If you add the intention of reclaiming your essence, you complete the formula that can only result in the manifestation of whatever your curiosity seeks to explore.

The payoff of having been so deeply mired in the illusion that you nearly succumbed is compassion for those still stuck in the matrix, coupled with a large dose of humility. You have learned that the illusion is perfect exactly as it is. The only thing that needs to change is the point from which we view it. Now all that's left is for you to summon the courage to begin the journey home.

Terrible Cost of Unforgiveness Dr. Larry Nims, Ph.D.

Historically, forgiveness has been addressed rather minimally and ineffectively in traditional therapies. We have always recognized that unforgiveness was a problem in human adjustment. But, we have tended largely to ignore it as a treatment issue. There are many reasons for such neglect I suppose, not the least of which is that we really were not sure how to eliminate it. Another is that many of us are uncomfortable and/or unfamiliar with spiritual considerations in psychotherapy.

Roger Callahan pointed the way for the technical process of treating unforgiveness. He deserves much credit for this finding. Still, he did not seem to recognize and/or acknowledge the enormity of the negative effects of unforgiveness on the human soul and spirit.

I am convinced that unforgiveness and related attitudes of resentment and bitterness are among the deadliest dynamics in the human psyche. Hence this discourse. I hope to alert we energy therapists to the opportunity and the obligation to use our elegant techniques to free our clients of this severely restrictive psychological and spiritual problem.

Here are just some of the inevitable costs to you and me whenever we hold onto unforgiveness. They are all in operation, continuously, in every unforgiveness, whether we consciously recognize them or not. These consequences happen within everyone every time that we get entrapped in unresolved unforgiveness. We have all paid these high costs in our lives over and over again. We probably still do pay them in many unhealed areas of our psyches and our spirits.

Consider these consequences of judgment, criticism and unforgiveness. 1. We continue to feel the psychological pain of the perceived offense. 2. We block healthy communication and potential reconciliation with the "offender". 3. We perceive similar offenses by others who remind us of the offender. 4. We attract similar situations, people and injuries to ourselves. 5. We give up our personal power to others to determine how we will feel and respond (actually, we "react") in similar situations. 6. We render ourselves incapable of ever really knowing, and learning from, the full truth about the event that damaged the relationship. 7. We take added toxic negativity into our present relationships. 8. We isolate/prevent/avoid/limit ourselves from having new, more healthy, and more fulfilling relationships. 9. We become vulnerable to becoming spiteful, resentful and bitter. 10. We disrespect, distrust and devalue ourselves at deep levels of our psyches. 11. We block ourselves spiritually from receiving help and healing from our Higher Source. 12. Our own spirits and souls "shrivel up" (contract) more and more.

Most counselors could probably add several more items to this "dirty dozen" price list. That is a very expensive set of costs to pay for self-righteous unforgiveness, isn't it? Yet, most of us have some of these attitudes buried deep within our subconscious minds. I have not seen a client yet who does not have numerous unresolved hurts and other emotional injuries, always with judgment, criticism, unforgiveness and related negative attitudes attached.

Fortunately, we now have the tools and the therapeutic support no longer to be victimized in all of these ways by the devastation of anger and unforgiveness. We can readily neutralize and eliminate all of the psychological, but not the spiritual, costs of unforgiveness simply by treating ourselves with EFT and other energy techniques.

About Dr. Larry Nims, Ph.D. Dr. Larry Nims, Ph.D. is among the first professionals trained in the Callahan Techniques; (now TFT). He was trained by Roger Callahan, Ph.D., in early 1990, and has been refining his own BE SET FREE FASTtm programs for the past nine years. He is now teaching and training professionals in seminars throughout the United States.

Increased Danger of Using Pain Medications


Increased Danger of Using Pain Medications  Enhances Demand for New Drug-Free Pain Treatment   It often works where nothing else will

Standford engineer brings Einstein's discoveries to psychotherapy. New doors open as free and "almost free" materials provide quality training in Emotional Freedom Tehniques (EFT)……… more

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) — . 

EFT even reduces or eliminates pain associated with serious diseases like cancer and arthritis. Gary Craig, the Stanford-trained engineer who developed EFT, explains, “The medical profession tends to look at pain as though it has mechanical or chemical causes. By contrast, we frequently find that it also has very important emotional causes and once those causes are collapsed with EFT, the pain subsides.”

Pharmaceutical companies earn billions of dollars by providing chronic pain sufferers with medications designed to inhibit their pain. The drugs were developed to have fewer side effects than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Aspirin or ibuprofen which could cause gastric bleeding or ulcers.

Before Vioxx, the popular arthritis pain medication, was taken off the market due to increased incidence of heart attacks, strokes and death, Merck earned nearly $2.4 billion. In 2003, Pfizer earned $2.29 billion in sales of Celebrex, Vioxx’s competitor. According to Canada's Adverse Drug Reaction database, Celebrex showed 456 adverse drug reactions, including 30 deaths up until April, 2004.


EFT has no known side effects

“Every time news reports that a drug has been taken off the market, or has serious side effects, activity on the EFT website increases as people search for healthy alternatives,” says Craig. “People freely download the EFT Manual and immediately start using this simple procedure to manage, even eliminate their pain. The letters and testimonials illustrate the profound impact that EFT is having on people all over the world.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola, sponsor of the world’s most visited natural health website (http://www.mercola.com/), uses EFT in his medical practice. Dr. Mercola explains, “I can recall using EFT with a new patient with rheumatoid arthritis who had been taking 60 mg of prednisone for her severe joint pain. She described the pain in her feet as if someone had stuck a butcher knife in them. The absolutely amazing outcome was that after a few minutes of tapping her pain had completely disappeared. It is still hard to believe how effective EFT is for this problem.”

Important note
: All information on this website is for educational purposes only. In no way is anything here intended to suggest that it is a substitute for proper medical care or good common sense. While EFT has, in many instances, produced remarkable results, it must still be considered experimental and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Further, Bob Lovejoy is a certified EFT C-C Practitioner and offers EFT as an energy trainer and as a personal performance coach. He does not claim to diagnose or treat any illness.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a healing modality that ahs been used to treat such issues such as Pain Management, Addictions, Weight loss, Allergies, Children's Issues, Animals, Vision, Headaches, Panic/Anxiety, Asthma, Trauma, PTSD, Abuse, Depression, Dyslexia, Carpal Tunnel, Anger, ADD-ADHD, Fears/phobias, Eating disorders, OCD, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Neuropathy, Fear of Flying, Claustrophobia, Agoraphobia, Anorexia, Bulimia, and more.

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